Creating a new theme

  1. Click on + New Theme button at the top left corner of the Theme main page
  2. Name the theme
  3. Select one of the following options:
    • Start with a predesigned theme
    • Clone an existing theme
    • Start with a blank theme

Predesigned themes

If you decide to start with a predesigned theme, you will be able to select one of six themes designed by the SmartFrame team.

These themes use different layouts and design options, but other settings are the same for all of them:

  • Caption is enabled and includes a placeholder text “Your caption will appear here”
  • Deep Zoom is enabled to the maximum level
  • Full Screen is enabled with a Full Screen Button
  • Sharing is enabled and all the sharing options are available
  • Right-Click and Screenshot Deterrent is enabled and the following message is used: “If you remove any technical protection measures associated with the digital content or remove any rights information, this will constitute as an infringement of copyright. The responsibility always lies upon the potential user to make sure that they research copyright ownership carefully before publication. Once you select the style and layout of the theme, a new theme will be created. You still will be able to edit it, as well as switch certain features on or off.”
  • Custom Button and Watermark are disabled

After creating the new theme, you will be able to edit and adjust all these settings.

Cloning themes

If you decide to create a new theme by cloning an existing theme, you will be able to select any of the existing themes to create a copy of it. Once you do it, a new theme will be created with exactly the same settings as the old one. You will be able to edit it, including switching certain features on or off, without affecting the SmartFrames which use the original theme.

Blank theme

If you decide to create a new theme by starting with a blank theme, a new theme will be created with all the features switched off. It means that you will not be able to see a caption or any buttons on the SmartFrame preview and also other functionalities will not be available (i.e. Deep Zoom, Full Screen, Watermark, Right-Click, and Screenshot Deterrent, Out of Focus). From that point, you will be able to edit the theme to create the desired result.

Here’s an example of a SmartFrame using a blank theme:

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