Insights Settings allows you to filter out traffic coming from your own network.

To do this, head to Insights and click on the Insights Settings button, before adding your IP address to the Exclude Internal Traffic section.

You can check your IP address by clicking on the What’s my IP address? button. If you are a member of a large organization, we recommend you contact your system administrator in order to set up this filter correctly.

Excluded IP and activating embeds

In order to track a SmartFrame in Insights, it first needs to be activated, which means that the page where it’s embedded needs to be opened at least once and the SmartFrame needs to be visible within the viewport. However, if you visit the page from the excluded IP, this will not activate the SmartFrame and you won’t be able to see it in the reports. In this case, try opening the page using a different IP to activate the SmartFrame. You can also do this using a VPN client.