Insights only include data for images that have been embedded as SmartFrames on at least one occasion. This means that you will not necessarily see information on all the images you have uploaded to the Admin Panel, only the ones that you have embedded as SmartFrames, either on your own website or elsewhere.

An embedded SmartFrame has to be viewed at least once in order to be activated and trackable. For that reason, even if a SmartFrame has been embedded, data for it will not necessarily be available in Insights. In order to activate it, simply visit the page where it’s embedded and view the embed.

If you’re using a Web Component, there may be a small delay between the time an embed is viewed and when it appears in Insights. If you still cannot see it after 24 hours, please contact us.

Activating embeds when internal traffic is excluded
If you have excluded your IP from tracking, you won’t be able to activate embeds from that IP. In that case, try opening the page where the SmartFrame is embedded using a different IP in order to activate the SmartFrames. You can also do this using a VPN client.