To upload an image, simply click on the Upload image button in the Image Manager or, for larger image collections, use our SmartFrame API (available for Enterprise customers). The exact storage space available for your images depends on your pricing plan.

Your original images are stored safely in the Amazon Cloud and can be accessed at any time. Once an image is uploaded to your Image Manager, we automatically generate for it the encrypted SmartFrame Datafile with .SF extension. These files are unreadable to normal image viewing and editing software and can only be decoded with the decryption key contained in your SF Viewer script.

Uploading images with SmartFrame API

Enterprise customers can also use our REST API for bulk uploads, we also build custom connectors on request. Contact us to discuss bespoke solutions or visit SmartFrame Developers Portal to learn more about the SmartFrame API.

Supported image formats

Currently you can upload image files in .jpg or .tiff formats.

Maximum image size

The maximum size of a single file which you can upload into SmartFrame is 50MB.

You should keep in mind that while it is possible to use SmartFrame with images smaller than 320x1200px, Theme elements such as buttons and/or caption won’t be displayed on these small images (they will still be protected against being downloaded or copied).

External image sources

It is possible to upload images via external platforms or plugins, such as the WordPress plugin.

When there are images coming from more than one source inside your Admin Panel (e.g. SmartFrame API and WordPress plugin), the upload source will be displayed next to the image. You can switch this function off in the Image Manager settings, by deselecting the “Display Source” option.

Some of these images may have different permissions, depending on how they were uploaded, and some functionalities (e.g. deleting images or editing metadata) may not be available for these images.