The Direct Link sharing option allows you to share a link (URL) to one of your SmartFrames.

You can obtain a Direct Link to a specific SmartFrame by clicking on the image of your choice in the Images panel and selecting Direct Link from the left-hand-side menu. Now, either manually copy the URL that appears here, or click on the icon to the right of the URL, which performs the same action.

If you want to further control how your SmartFrames can be shared, you can choose whether the Direct Link may be shared by others. To change this, head to the Themes section of the Admin Panel, before scrolling to the Sharing Button settings.

One further helpful customization gives you control over whether a click on the shared Direct Link opens the page where the SmartFrame has been embedded (recommended) or a standalone Image Page that has the image appearing on its own. To change this setting, head to the Control section of the Admin Panel, before scrolling down to Direct Link.