You can edit a theme by clicking on the Edit icon at the top right corner of a theme card (visible on mouseover) on the Themes main page:

Editing vs. cloning
Keep in mind that any changes made to a theme will be visible on all SmartFrames using that theme. For that reason, cloning a theme and then changing it may sometimes be a preferred option.


On the Overview page you can see a fully functional preview of the theme, including all possible interactions. You can switch the preview mode to different sizes as well as load different images from your collection by clicking on the icon.

On the Overview page you can also edit the name and description of the theme as well as see the details of the theme’s usage and performance.

Theme Settings

For each Theme, you can edit following settings:

  • Layout – select the arrangement and mouseover behavior of Caption and buttons
  • Design – adjust the appearance of Caption and buttons, such as colors, fonts, and size of the elements
  • Caption
  • Hyper Zoom – adjust the maximum available level of zoom
  • Full Screen – adjust the Full Screen mode settings
  • Call to Action Button – set up a redirect link, label and icon used for the CTA Button
  • Share Button – enable and disable different sharing options
  • Watermark – add a watermark layer to your SmartFrame to increase security
  • Right-Click and Screenshot Deterrent – display a copyright warning when someone right-clicks on the image or tries to take a screenshot of it
  • Out of Focus – display a semi-transparent overlay when the image is out of focus
  • Image as Link – turn your image into a link