Although you’re always in control of your SmartFrames, you can allow others to share links to them on social media, via email and elsewhere.

To do this, simply enable the Add a Share button option, which can be found within the Sharing menu within every Theme available to you.

In the Admin Panel, you can:

  • Manage the icon and label of the Share button
  • Select the sharing options you’d like to enable
  • Edit a copyright message that will be displayed alongside the sharing options (Standard, Professional and Business plans only)

The exact design of the button depends on the design of the whole Theme, as defined in the Design section.

Using SmartFrame’s sharing options does not compromise the security of your images in any way. When sharing a SmartFrame, it is never your original image that is being shared, only a very small JPEG thumbnail of the image, along with a link to the SmartFrame Image page (or another page defined in the social media, email and direct link settings in Control section of the Admin Panel).

Currently, SmartFrame supports the following sharing options:

Social media sharing

The exact appearance and behavior of social media posts depends on the Social Media settings in the Control section. Currently, SmartFrames can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Direct Link

This generates a unique sharing link. Depending on the Direct Link settings in Control, the link will open either the page on which the image is embedded or a standalone Image Page.


This option, which is only visible on mobile devices, enables sharing a link to the URL where the image is embedded via WhatsApp.

Text message

This option, which is also only visible on mobile devices, enables sharing a link to the URL where the image is embedded via text (SMS) message.


When the viewer selects this option, they will receive an embed code that they can add to their own website. You will still be able to see this SmartFrame in Insights and change its Theme or block it. This option is only available on desktop devices.


You can add a newsletter opt-in checkbox to this option, which means that users who share your embed via email will also be able to instantly agree to receive your newsletter. Depending on the Email settings in Control, the link shared via email will open either the page on which the image is embedded, or as a standalone Image Page. This option is only visible on desktop devices.

In order to preview how the Share button and sharing options will appear on an actual SmartFrame, click on the Preview button at the bottom of the page. This will open a full preview of the Theme, including the changes you’ve just made, even before you save them. The preview is fully interactive, so you can click on the Share button to see how the sharing options will be displayed. Once you’re happy with the results, you can save the changes by clicking on the Save button.