At all times, one of your themes will serve as a default theme. It means that all the SmartFrames will by default use this theme. If you want to use a different theme for some of your SmartFrames, you can select a different theme while copying the embed code from the Image Manager or you can change the theme of an already existing SmartFrame in the Embed Report in Insights.

Changing the default theme

You can change which theme is a default one at any time. Once you do it, all SmartFrames which are set to use a default theme will be updated to use the newly selected default theme.

To do it, simply click on the star symbol in the bottom left corner of the theme card in the Theme section:

Deleting the default theme

If you want to delete the current default theme, you will need to first select a new default theme. In case you only have one theme, deleting the default theme will not be possible.