A Theme is an overlay of interactive features that controls how your SmartFrames appear and behave for your audience.

You can use Themes to do four things:

1. Include a caption of any length to accompany your images. Captions in SmartFrames are optimized to handle both short and lengthy descriptions

2. Differentiate how SmartFrames are displayed to registered and non-registered users

3. Enable or disable sharing your SmartFrames on social media and other channels

4. Link your SmartFrames to your social profile, online store or website

    Here’s an example of how a Theme can appear on a SmartFrame – just roll your mouse over the image to view its full functionality:

    You can edit existing Themes and create new ones in the Themes panel, which is located in the main Admin Panel. Here, you have control over:

    • Layout – select the layout and mouseover behavior of the Theme
    • Design – style the buttons and Caption
    • Caption – add an image caption and define its contents
    • Full screen – manage desktop full-screen settings
    • Hyper Zoom – manage image zoom settings
    • Call-to-action button – add a button with a custom label and link
    • Share button – add a Share button and select the sharing options to enable for your SmartFrames
    • Watermark – add an image or text watermark to improve your SmartFrames’ security
    • Right-click deterrent – edit a deterrent message that will be displayed when someone right-clicks on your embed
    • Out of focus – add an overlay that covers the image when it’s out of focus, which should prevent most screenshot attempts
    • Image as link – turn your image into a link

    Learn more about editing Themes

    Themes and small embeds

    Some elements of the Theme, such as buttons and captions, will not be visible if the size of an embed is smaller than 320 x 120px. These embeds will still be protected against being downloaded or copied.

    Selecting a Theme for your SmartFrames

    You can select which Theme to use for each SmartFrame individually in the Insights section of the Admin Panel. Alternatively,  you can define it directly in the Images panel when copying the embed code. Unless you select otherwise, each SmartFrame will use the default Theme.

    You can change the Theme of any SmartFrame embeds at any time, regardless of the page or domain on which they’re published. To do this, find the SmartFrame in the Embed Report in Insights and select the Theme you want to use from the dropdown next to the embed. You can also do this on the Embed page.

    Note: if you change the default Theme, all SmartFrames that were uploaded using the previous default Theme will change to the new default Theme.

    Selecting a Theme for SmartFrame Web Component

    If you have SmartFrame Web Component installed, your embeds will automatically be embedded using the default Theme. In order to change the Theme you’re using for a specific embed, you need to add a Theme attribute to the smart-frame tag. For example: <smart-frame image-id=”sample_ID” embedded theme=”my_theme”>