About SmartFrame

Founded in 2013 in London, UK. SmartFrame was originally developed to increase the security of images presented online and is used by photographers all over the world. In 2015 the SmartFrame technology was extended to business users and is now expanding into a diverse set of verticals with new and exciting commercial features being released regularly. SmartFrame now employs 20+ staff in offices in London, Berlin and Krakow.

In 2018 SmartFrame launched a self-service platform, which enables image rights owners—from photographers to small businesses, image libraries and big brands—to securely share their content on their own websites and beyond, track interactions, and generate new business enquiries and revenues from images wherever they are displayed on the internet.

Meet the Digital Image Experts

Robert Sewell

Chief Executive Officer

Patrick Krupa

Chief Product Officer

Luke Vines

Chief Operating Officer

Artur Wisniewski

Chief Technology Officer

Cayle McNair

Marketing Manager

Weronika Pomorska

UX Designer

Francesco Calabretta

UX Designer

Michal Pasternak

Lead SmartFrame Developer

Sebastian Wec

Lead Panel Developer

Tomasz Woźniak

Lead Backend Developer

Tomasz Borys

Full Stack Developer

Grzegorz Plech

Full Stack Developer

Anzhela Havrylenko

QA Engineer

Piotr Romanski

Frontend Developer

Konrad Marek

Frontend Developer

Paweł Cudziło

Backend Developer