Take a closer look at how Minden Pictures utilizes SmartFrame’s image-streaming technology to showcase the very best of its nature photography

Minden Pictures is a premium collection of nature and wildlife stock photography that encompasses a wide range of species, regions, and topics.

With a team of award-winning natural history photographers behind it, Minden Pictures’ collection uses powerful imagery to illustrate not just the beauty of the natural world, but also the threats it faces.

Our image-streaming technology enables Minden Pictures to stream high-resolution images from a secure central server to an unlimited number of approved websites without a single copy being made – much like embedding a YouTube video.

This allows Minden Pictures to display its collection online in brilliant quality without the fear of theft, misuse, or slow loading times.

Interactive features

Each SmartFrame also features interactive in-image controls that help to boost user engagement.

Whether it’s the finest macro details, the second a predator pounces, or an immersive faraway landscape, the full-screen viewing mode helps to present these striking moments in all their glory, while built-in sharing controls maximize organic reach.

Furthermore, easy-to-read, embedded captions and photographer credits ensure Minden Pictures’ SmartFrames always appear in context, with proper attribution, wherever they’re published.

Below we’ve picked a few favorite examples of how our technology is complementing this stunning photographic collection.

Our top nature photographs from Minden Pictures

Relish the moment

This photograph epitomizes the importance of being in the right place at the right time – for everyone except the salmon, of course. Take some time to appreciate it in all its full-screen glory.

Get closer to this adorable amphibian

The relaxed pose, the beautiful golden skin, and that irresistible smile. There’s lots to love about this photo (and this frog).

Explore a landscape that’s out of this world

The rising dune in the background of this image resembles the scorched sky of a faraway planet, beautifully illustrating both the vastness of the desert and the otherworldliness of this uninhabitable environment.

Lose yourself in the crowd