Images captured by today’s cameras typically have far more detail than most people need.

Sure, if you’re a professional photographer, perhaps one who captures landscapes or fashion, maximum detail may be paramount. But otherwise, a lot of the detail that modern cameras and smartphones end up recording is often lost when images are published online.

This is compounded by the fact that many photographers deliberately choose to downsample their images in order to prevent image theft, which reduces the impact the image will have on the viewer.

So what’s the alternative? SmartFrame’s Full-screen viewing mode, part of our enhanced presentation options, which presents images in the best possible light while maintaining protection over image downloads, screenshots and right-click saving.

Why should I use Full-screen viewing?

Images uploaded to a website or social media platform will have a certain resolution, which may or may not be what you see when you first view them. An image may, for example, measure 2000 pixels across, but the website on which it’s viewed will only show