We’re used to seeing captions alongside images, but we’ve redesigned the way in which our own Captions feature works with SmartFrames to make them more flexible than ever

Streaming images allows SmartFrame to deliver a whole lot more to the image-viewing experience than the image itself, from interactive buttons and our Hyper Zoom technology through to dynamic watermarks and more.

Captions are another example of our additional functionality, and something many of our users take advantage of. And now, we’ve made this feature even better.

We’ve redesigned the way Captions work to make things better for both the viewer and the publisher of the SmartFrame, and this is the focus of what follows below. But first, we take a quick look at why you should use a Caption to begin with, and what makes SmartFrame Captions unique.

Why use Captions?

Captions allow the content publisher to add information about an image to the SmartFrame that contains it. This could be a description of the image, or perhaps the photographer’s name and copyright details. Often, it’s both.

Captions themselves are nothing new – so what makes them so special when used in SmartFrames?

First, as the content owner always has control over where their SmartFrames are shared and embedded, they can ensure that this information is always displayed with the image. This is because the Caption part of the