Our recent Focus 2020 competition attracted hundreds of superb entries. But there can only be one winner – and here’s what our judges chose.

Earlier this year we launched the Focus 2020 competition, which gave photographers the opportunity to show off their finest work in glorious SmartFrame quality. From landscapes through to candid portraits and a raft of travel shots captured in all corners of the world, the competition attracted a wealth of submissions from photographers of all abilities.

Our five judges have been sifting through the entries we received, debating the various merits of the images included for submission. And now, we’re very pleased to bring you their verdicts.

Overall winner – Emrah Karakoç

Our overall winner is Emrah Karakoç, thanks to this superb black-and-white composition. The image resonated with judge David Yarrow in particular:

“Someone once said that, if you want to be a better photographer, put more interesting stuff in front of the camera. It’s such a simple piece of advice that it can often be dismissed, but this photographer has listened to that instruction. Great pictures can also be looked at for a long time, and I looked at this image more than any other in the strong list of final selections