Partnership bolsters BRANDIT’s online brand-protection services, and provides companies with a broad range of functionality to securely publish and manage online images.

Zurich – 25 March 2020: BRANDIT, a global domain provider and consulting firm, has announced that it’s partnering with image-streaming platform SmartFrame to strengthen its service.

The partnership is set to provide BRANDIT’s customers the tools they need to protect their online images from theft and unauthorized use, and to retain full control of images once they are published online.

Additionally, SmartFrame’s technology includes options to safeguard images on social media platforms, with customizable thumbnails, watermarking and captioning on hand to ensure that content can be presented securely and in line with the user’s preferences.

This is augmented by analytics that not only detail where images are being viewed and shared, but also whether any attempts have been made to use them without the necessary permissions from the copyright holder.

“BRANDIT aims to provide its customers with access to the most innovative and effective means of protecting and managing their online brand presence,” says BRANDIT Founder, Jesper Knudsen. “SmartFrame’s ability to prevent unauthorized theft and use of brand images addresses one of the key challenges that companies face in protecting their online presence. Furthermore, the insights that SmartFrame delivers allows brands to measure the scale of the issue, and to better appreciate the frequency with which they are attacked.”

“Preventing the theft or abuse of any brand asset is a critical step forward in how brands protect themselves online,” explains Rob Sewell, CEO of SmartFrame. “Rights owners should have the ability to control how their images are used so that customers don’t need to spend time differentiating inauthentic content from genuine images. We are delighted to be partnering with BRANDIT, a company with an outstanding reputation for building and maintaining great client relationships, and being at the forefront of driving innovation in the world of IP and brand protection.”

In addition to the partnership, BRANDIT is also announcing the implementation of SmartFrame on its new website, which is set to launch over the coming months.


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BRANDIT helps its corporate clients deal with many aspects of their online presence, from domain consulting and brand protection through to compliance with relevant regulations, trademarking and other legal matters. Headquartered in Zurich, the company has multiple locations throughout Europe and the Americas.

About SmartFrame Technologies Ltd

Founded in 2015, SmartFrame Technologies Ltd is a London-based software provider, whose aim is to redefine the digital image standard for the benefit of photographers, visual artists and organizations. Through its SmartFrame platform, the company has a global footprint of clients and partners using its technology to protect, track, control, present and monetize their content.