How does SmartFrame work?

SmartFrame is a unique, patent-pending technology that allows you to protect your images without jeopardizing their quality or the speed of your website. So how does it work?

Secure storage in the SmartFrame Cloud

Files that are uploaded via the Admin Panel or our REST API are stored securely on SmartFrame Cloud. They are never accessible to the public – you and your team are the only ones with access to the original files.

Smart Compression

You don’t need to resize or compress your original images – we take care of that. You should upload them in the highest resolution possible, just to make sure they always look great.

SmartFrame Viewer and image embedding

After you upload images to the SmartFrame Cloud, we generate encrypted counterparts so that you can start to embed them.

Once you copy the embed code and paste it onto your website, the SmartFrame Viewer within the code is able to decrypt and render the image directly on the HTML canvas. While it will appear as a regular image to your audience, it will be protected against any download attempts.

Not only that, but all SmartFrames are rendered in the right size and resolution for the user’s display.

SmartFrame Web Component

Use SmartFrame Web Component to enable SmartFrame on your entire website and make your images load even faster.

Full control over how and where your images appear

Because the original image file is never published online but streamed on demand, you can easily track and control how and where your images appear. That includes on your own website, but also on other pages where your images might be embedded, as well as within search results in Google Image Search and on social media.

While the original JPEG is not available, a small thumbnail JPEG is attached to the SmartFrame. This thumbnail, which can be adjusted in the Admin Panel, is then presented to the Google crawlers and displayed in the search results. The same goes for social media – it’s never the original image that’s being shared, only a small thumbnail that links to the original content.

Thumbnail Settings

You can adjust the size of the thumbnail and watermark it in the Control Section of the Admin Panel.

Start protecting your images today