SmartFrame in-image ads

SmartFrame in-image ads

SmartFrame in-image ads

The ad displayed within the image you were viewing is administered by SmartFrame Technologies Ltd.

Data and Privacy
Our display of an ad, or your interaction with an ad, will not result in any information available to us from your visit to this website being used to track you across other websites, or to send you targeted adverts. SmartFrame Technologies does not store any personal data when displaying ads. For more details on how we use any data available to us, you can read our full Privacy Policy here and our Cookie Policy here.

Relevant and contextual
Ads displayed within images are always relevant to the content of the image, as well as the subject matter of the webpage and the physical location in which the image is being viewed.

Quality assurance
Ads are designed to a high production standard in order to feel like a seamless part of the image-viewing experience.

Brand safe
Ads are designed to work harmoniously with the image and the website on which they appear. Ads will not promote sensitive or inappropriate subjects that may offend users or be incompatible with a brand’s image and messaging.

Frequency capping
SmartFrame Technologies recognizes the need for a balance between the needs of users and website operators. To ensure an enjoyable user experience, the frequency with which ads appear within images is always limited to a minimal amount.

Information for website operators
As a website operator, you consent to advertisements being displayed within any SmartFrame images you embed on your website, as per the SmartFrame Embed Terms & Conditions of Use. These images are provided for you to embed on your website without charge, providing this is for non-commercial purposes. This service does, however, incur costs; the revenues generated from these advertisements helps to offset these costs, and ensures that content creators are compensated for their work.

SmartFrame Technologies appreciates the need for website visitors to enjoy content to its fullest potential, and to have an engaging experience when viewing images embedded on your website. For this reason, the embed service is designed to provide images in the highest resolution required for a user’s display, and this is augmented by functionality such as Hyper Zoom and full-screen viewing. Learn more about SmartFrame’s functionality.

If you register and become an official SmartFrame ads publisher, you may be eligible to receive a percentage of net advertising revenues gained from the embeds on your website. Please click here for more information and to register.

Contact us
If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us.