Enhanced image presentation

Display your images without compromising detail, speed or user experience. Upgrade your website with our SmartFrame image viewer, which works in tandem with our image optimization, protection and delivery platform.

SmartFrame Zoom

SmartFrame Zoom lets you inspect all details of the image, whether you’re looking at complex technology or admiring architecture.

Full-screen viewing

Let your audience see all the details of your images by enabling the full-screen mode. Your images will be displayed in the highest resolution supported by the user’s display to show them in the best possible quality.

Configurable interactive image overlays

Whether it’s an image caption or sharing button, or even a custom call to action, SmartFrame allows you to add interactive elements to your images for maximum engagement, without any complicated coding.

One image file – the best presentation on all device types

Focus all your attention on having great-looking, high-quality images and SmartFrame will take care of compression and resizing for you.

Dynamic image compression

With SmartFrame, you don’t need to choose between high image quality and page speed anymore. SmartFrame’s proprietary algorithm compresses JPEG and TIFF files images to speed up page-load times. Every time a page is loaded, SmartFrame renders your image in the best-supported resolution and intelligently compresses images where necessary.

Responsive images

SmartFrame always loads the image in the appropriate quality and size depending on the device. This means that images on the average smartphone will be rendered in a much smaller size than on a high-resolution computer display.

HiDPI / Retina display detection

Forget about having to use double-sized images to make them look sharp on HiDPI and Retina displays. SmartFrame detects the display being used and automatically renders a larger image if the display supports it.

Interactive image galleries

SmartFrame lets you easily create and embed interactive image galleries. Whether you want to showcase products in your online store or present a photography collection to your audience, this is the right solution for you!

Improve the presentation of your images right away