We’re introducing a range of changes to the SmartFrame platform to improve usability and performance – and here’s what you need to know

We’re always looking for ways to improve SmartFrame. From the appearance and functionality of SmartFrames themselves to the data in the Insights panel and even registering for an account, we want everything to be as good as it possibly can be.

And now, we’re delighted to introduce a number of changes to our platform that bring it to a new level. In this article, we’ll explain what these changes are and why we’re making them.

It’s important to us that SmartFrame works equally well for all users, and that the right balance between the provision of customizations and overall usability is struck.

We recognize, for example, that having more options isn’t always better. We know that users and viewers alike value simplicity and consistency. We also recognize that SmartFrames may benefit from a slightly different appearance depending on exactly where they are embedded and viewed. These factors, among others, have shaped the changes detailed below.

Please note: The changes described below apply to all SmartFrame users, although what follows is written with those who use the Admin Panel in mind, rather than web integrations. Changes are due to take effect from mid-November 2021.

What’s changing?

Here is a list of the key changes that we’ll be introducing over the next few weeks. But first, we’d like to introduce the concept of on-site embeds and off-site embeds.

On-site embeds and off-site embeds

While many people use SmartFrame simply to embed their SmartFrames on their own sites, it’s possible to embed SmartFrames belonging to other people on your own site using the integrated functionality. Similarly, other people can embed your SmartFrames on their sites if you have enabled this. The terms ‘on-site embeds’ and ‘off-site embeds’ allow us to differentiate between the two.

On-site embeds are SmartFrames that have been embedded on a home site. This is the site (or sites) that you have designated as your own site(s), where you would normally embed your own SmartFrames. Our home site, for example, is smartframe.io.

Off-site embeds are the opposite: SmartFrames embedded on a site that does not belong to the owner of that SmartFrame – in other words, not a designated home site.

This principle of on-site embeds and off-site embeds is important when we come to discuss Buttons and the new Attributions feature (below).

Options enabled by default

We want SmartFrames users and viewers to appreciate the full value of our platform, so some features and options will now be enabled at default, and will stay on at all times. 

Full-screen viewing

The full-screen viewing option, which is now available for mobile users, is now enabled for all SmartFrames at all times (although it may not be displayed if it is disabled by the browser). This means that the Full-screen option that was previously selected in the Themes menu in the Admin Panel will be removed.

In order to ensure that full-screen SmartFrames are viewed with as few dis