We’ve made some improvements to SmartFrame Insights that not only give you more data but also make it easier to access. Here’s a rundown of all the changes

At SmartFrame, we understand the importance of accurate analytics and the ability to gather them quickly and efficiently. It’s for this reason that we’re excited to launch a number of updates to SmartFrame Insights, ensuring an even better experience for our users.

Updates include a new-look dashboard, streamlined reporting, additional filtering options, improved search functionality, and new metrics among other things.

Here, we take a closer look at some of the biggest changes, introducing what’s new and how it’s designed to help improve your workflow. 

SmartFrame-focused data

The most fundamental change is the way in which we report figures. All reports now focus exclusively on SmartFrames, rather than splitting data between SmartFrames and images.

For clarity, the word ‘SmartFrame’ refers to every instance an image appears on a unique URL. The word ‘image’, on the other hand, refers to the source image file that has been uploaded, which can be streamed into multiple SmartFrames across many different URLs at the same time.

Focusing our data on SmartFrames helps to simplify the reporting process, providing a more streamlined overview of your SmartFrame analytics. It has also guided a number of other changes to the Insights tool – read on to learn more.

New-look dashboard

We have redesigned the dashboard to lead with impressions, presenting top-level information at a glance to provide you with the answers you need as quickly as possible.

With all reporting now focusing on SmartFrames alone, it’s been possible to condense essential data into one easy-to-navigate overview. This ease of reference has been further improved by the adoption of a color-coded system, which enables you to instantly recognize impressions (blue), engagement (green), and sharing (orange).  

Streamlined reporting

Reports have been simplified into four categories: Overview, Engagements, Sharing, and Domains, with the top row of each report displaying a bold summary of overall totals. This more accessible design provides a quick and easy top-level perspective, with the ability to dive deeper if required.

Other things to note are the display of larger image thumbnails on mouseover, plus the ability to copy a SmartFrame’s URL with a single click.

We have also grouped all additional functions together under one handy menu represented by three dots in the far-left-hand column. These include the options to change Theme, block an embed, exclude an entire domain from displaying SmartFrames, and access a new dedicated SmartFrame details page.

The SmartFrame details page allows you to track impressions and engagements throughout the lifetime of each SmartFrame, filtering by date range and geographic location.

Enhanced filtering

By combining all filters into one dropdown menu, we have made it even easier to view, add, and edit filters as you wish, with the ability to select and clear with a single click.

‘Country’ has been added to the list to provide more detailed insights and locating individual SmartFrames is now ev