picturemaxx clients can now effortlessly take advantage of SmartFrame’s technology for their websites and image libraries

London, UK – 25 November, 2020: SmartFrame Technologies Ltd, a UK-based SaaS technology provider specializing in image streaming, is pleased to announce a new integration with Munich-based digital asset management provider picturemaxx.

The integration allows picturemaxx’s clients to quickly adopt SmartFrame’s full suite of technologies for the entirety of their image libraries. These technologies ensure that high-resolution images can be used without the usual fear of image theft and misuse, in turn giving prospective buyers a better idea of image quality before committing to a purchase.

Technologies now available to picturemaxx customers include Hyper Zoom, which takes advantage of the full resolution of the original image for the highest level of detail, as well as full-screen viewing. Options for image captioning and sharing embedded images on social media platforms are also provided as standard, together with full visibility on where images are being viewed and how they are being interacted with.

Thanks to the image-streaming system that powers SmartFrame, images cannot be downloaded by conventional means, such as through right-clicks and drag-and-drop saving. Protection against theft is bolstered with screenshot detection, which triggers a warning message over the image as soon as it notices a theft attempt to prevent it from being copied. This level of protection ensures that picturemaxx’s clients are free to use images in their highest resolution to make the best use of full-screen and Hyper Zoom technologies, with peace of mind over their security.

A further advantage of SmartFrame’s technology is optional in-image advertising. This allows clients to broaden their revenue streams through the use of contextual advertising within images.

“We’ve added value for our customers through our cooperation with SmartFrame. Images can be displayed in a large format and in high resolution in an image library, while theft is prevented,” says Marcin Czyzewski, Chief Technology Officer of picturemaxx AG.

“We are very happy to be working with picturemaxx, a leading provider in the picture industry, as a cooperation partner,” says SmartFrame CEO Robert Sewell. “Through our image-streaming technology, we enable rights holders, photographers and image-library operators to use a contemporary form of image presentation, modern theft protection and an attractive option for further monetization.”

The new integration is aimed at media providers who archive their images in the picturemaxx database and operate a picturemaxx image library. One of the first users will be Mirrorpix, part of British newspaper publisher Reach PLC, whose press image archive is among the most extensive of its kind.


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About picturemaxx

picturemaxx is the world’s largest network of professional providers and buyers of visual content, empowering users to efficiently distribute, organize, license and use digital assets. picturemaxx is a market-leading software and technology company based in Germany, with over 35 years of experience in the industry. The company counts over 1,000 clients that include leading publishers such as Axel Springer, Bauer Media Group, Cornelsen, Gruner + Jahr, and Hubert Burda Media, as well as leading national and international picture agencies of all genres.

About picturemaxx Media Network and my-picturemaxx

The picturemaxx Media Network is a unique marketplace for media suppliers and buyers. Thousands of picture professionals use the my-picturemaxx search engine as their primary tool for finding and purchasing media. It allows media buyers to search simultaneously across hundreds of media sources. The company also offers services around media buying and media management.

About SmartFrame Technologies Ltd

Founded in 2015, SmartFrame Technologies Ltd is a London-based software provider whose aim is to redefine the digital image standard for the benefit of photographers, visual artists and organizations. Through its SmartFrame platform, the company has a global footprint of clients and partners using its technology to protect, track, control, present and monetize their content.



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