London, UK – 25th January 2022: SmartFrame Technologies, a UK-based SaaS technology provider specializing in image streaming, is pleased to announce that Tate Images, the image library of Tate, has started to roll out the company’s technology for its online platform.

The agreement brings SmartFrame’s proprietary image-streaming system to hundreds of artworks within the Tate Images site. To date, the integration has seen approximately 700 images converted to SmartFrames, and more will follow as Tate Images uploads the latest photography to the collection.

Images on the site that had previously been displayed as conventional, low-resolution JPEGs now feature a range of SmartFrame’s features. This includes SmartFrame’s proprietary Hyper Zoom technology, which allows online audiences to zoom into full-size views of images to scrutinize their finest details, together with a full-screen viewing option and expandable captions.

With SmartFrame’s image-streaming technology powering the display of these images, the collections are protected against unauthorized image downloads, such as those from right-clicks and drag-and-drop actions. The principle of image streaming also allows for the use of images in a much higher resolution than was previously possible, which not only delivers a superior viewing experience for users on modern, high-resolution displays, but also allows for deeper zooming with SmartFrame’s Hyper Zoom feature.

Additionally, all SmartFrames found on the Tate Images sites are equipped with a sharing panel. This provides viewers with the option to share links with previews to images across a variety of social media platforms, in addition to emails and elsewhere, helping to increase reach and visibility. SmartFrame’s technology ensures that only low-resolution previews are shared, which keeps original images protected while also encouraging users to click through for the full SmartFrame experience.

Thanks to the power of SmartFrame’s image-streaming and embedding technologies, Tate Images is also able to take advantage of detailed analytics on image popularity and user interaction, helping the organization