Want to show off details in your images like never before? We’ve been working on our Hyper Zoom feature to elevate your image display to a new level.

Hyper Zoom, which is easily one of our users’ best-loved features, gives you the option to show off the most intricate details you’ve captured in your SmartFrames.

By simply clicking on the SmartFrame repeatedly, users can view it to its full resolution (100%), with our full suite of theft-prevention tools working throughout.

And now, we’re proud to introduce support for images with a resolution as high as 100MP.

Of course, very few of us own cameras with 100MP sensors, but photographers have been combining multiple images into one for some time. Panoramas, for example, are typically a number of separate images brought together into a single, high-resolution composite.

Many modern cameras now also offer high-resolution capture modes that allow for images to be output at 100MP and beyond – and even smartphones are now starting to offer this.

Businesses that rely on being able to show off the smallest details in their product images will also benefit from this update, particularly if their product photography originates from a medium format camera. So it’s clear that for personal users and businesses alike, the need to display such high-quality images is not only useful now, but will only increase as time goes on.

See it for yourself with our gallery of 100MP SmartFrames below. If you’re on a desktop computer or laptop, just click on each SmartFrame up to four times to see just how much detail you can realize in images of this type. And if you want to get Hyper Zoom for your own images, just sign up for a free SmartFrame account.

Learn more about Hyper Zoom here.

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