With many of us now working from home, it’s worth understanding whether our domestic internet connections are a good fit for business purposes

Back in March 2020, employees around the world were locked out of their offices and told to stay and work from home. They were mostly armed with corporate-issued laptops and mobile devices, and expected to carry on with work from home.

All seems fine, right? A number of employees were likely working in a more agile fashion, meaning less time spent in the office, and a lot less time spent at the same desk.

There is one major concern to this setup, though: how secure is the home wireless network?

It’s likely built to be strong enough to provide high-quality internet so you can run streaming services, browse the web, and use your devices. But aside from these more consumer uses, is home wi-fi good enough for corporate use? And, if not, is it time businesses considered this?

The next stage

Quentyn Taylor, director of information security at Canon Europe, says the next stage of remote working will be where companies care about the internet connection their employees have. He