Anyone who knows anything about photography will know all too well about David Yarrow and the success he has had in his career to date. Having published three photographic books including “Nowhere” “Encounters” and “Wild Encounters,” his impactful imagery of wildlife and alien cultures triggers powerful emotional responses in people – often awe and wonder.

David exhibits his work with over 20 leading galleries worldwide and his iconic black and white photographic prints sell regularly for upwards of £40,000. In 2017 alone sales of David’s work raised over £1m for charitable causes and conservations. David’s most coveted piece of work, “Mankind” (featured in the SmartFrame above), was the highest bid for lot at the 2017 Sotheby’s photography auction and sold for an impressive £60,000.

Given the value of David’s images, a key issue for him was being able to protect his images online, whilst still being able to display them in the best possible quality to give them the attention they deserve. These issues led David to SmartFrame and now all of the images on his website are in the process of being converted to this format.

I have never been comfortable knowing that the majority of people are introduced to my work online, in poor quality. My background in sports photography has meant that I have always been particularly scrupulous over the sharpness of my images – if it isn’t pin sharp, it doesn’t make the cut. Resolution and tonal range are also key for me. As a result, my images always looked far better at a gallery in the physical form, rather than on a computer screen. SmartFrames cutting edge technology has allowed the gap between the two formats to narrow considerably. It has markedly improved the visual experience for digital files. Thank you to BMAS and SmartFrame for putting together our new website gallery.

– David Yarrow

David is also using the SmartFrame technology to distribute his images to the various galleries that he will be exhibiting with in the future, to ensure consistent quality and world-class presentation, whilst also being able to track the engagement and viewing metrics of each image across all gallery websites. Future applications are being discussed, so watch this space!