SmartFrame is an innovative technology that takes online image publication and display to a new level.

It replaces traditional formats such as JPEG with an interactive alternative, one that’s streamed directly from our servers.

SmartFrame images, or simply ‘SmartFrames’, appear like normal images to viewers, but they incorporate a range of additional features to enhance their appearance and security. Furthermore, because these images are streamed rather than permanently embedded into a website, you’re able to discover far more about their usage and user interaction than you would from conventionally uploaded images.

SmartFrame is a complete system for hosting and processing images, which includes an online Admin Panel and various tools for webmasters and developers. You can embed SmartFrames into an existing website, or integrate them into your web server and share them online in various ways. You can even monetize images through in-image advertising.

We believe SmartFrame is the future of online image display.