Supported platforms

We make every effort to make SmartFrame compatible with as many websites as possible. Below you can find a compatibility chart for the most common website platforms. 


Custom websites

This is a website you would normally edit by uploading the source code to the server using some form of file transfer like FTP. This type gives you the biggest flexibility and usually no restrictions and SmartFrame should be fully compatible in most of the cases.


Content management (CMS) platforms

SmartFrame technology is fully supported on most of the major CMS platforms. If you are running a web service and you want to be listed in our supported platforms, please contact us. We will be happy to help you and your clients integrating the SmartFrame technology. For WordPress platform we already have a free plugin available, and more plugins will be announced shortly.


DAM (Digital Asset Management) platforms and bespoke software packages

We have already integrated SmartFrame into several specialist asset management platforms. If you would like to offer SmartFrame to your existing customers, adding value and functionality, please contact us. We offer an Enterprise API, several integration options as well as completely bespoke solutions.


Social networks

Unfortunately most social networks don’t allow running any active script on their platforms, so we incorporated the following solution into our platform. When user shares SmartFrame on social networks, we generate a thumbnail of the correct size and proportion and add description in a correct format, so the social post is correctly formatted. We keep the thumbnail fairly small and the Control Panel allows to configure and apply a custom watermark. Social Network receives very limited content and a click-through to view the large version in the secure SmartFrame format is encouraged. 


Troubleshooting and known limitations

Some active script (Javascript) or CSS may clash with our SmartFrame image viewer. The best solution in such case is to disable as many plugins and external libraries as possible and try SmartFrame with a lean version of your website. Then enable those libraries and plugins gradually one by one until the problem occurs again. Once you identify the script, library or plugin which causes the conflict, see if it’s necessary or try to update it. If it still doesn’t work, we will be happy to hear from your, so please just contact us.

The other common issue is attempting to replace background images in CSS with SmartFrame, which is not directly possible. The solution is to create a <div> layer which behaves in a similar way, using z-index and other CSS attributes and insert SmartFrame tag inside of this layer.


Compatibility mode

This mode is introduced to enable embedding on hosted platforms, which introduce many limitations and restrictions. Compatibility mode uses <iframe> to embed the SmartFrame image, which has minor limitations. The embedded SmartFrame is not as responsive while resizing the window and the screenshot deterrent only works when <iframe> is in focus, therefore it may deploy less reliably. We regularly request these platforms to allow full SmartFrame compatibility and will be updating the compatibility chart respectively.

In order to run SmartFrame in compatibility mode you don’t need to do anything. It will automatically be enabled if the default mode gets blocked by the platform.


Compatibility chart

Adobe PortfolioCompatibility mode
BloggerFull support
BoldGridFull support
BookmarkFull support
DoodlekitFull support
DrupalFull support
FacebookNo script embedding possible, just thumbnail
IM CreatorNo script embedding possible
JimdoNo script embedding possible
JoomlaFull support
LinkedInNo script embedding possible, just thumbnail
SquarespaceFull support
MediumNo script embedding possible, just thumbnail
PinterestNo script embedding possible, just thumbnail
SimblaCompatibility mode
TYPO3Full support
TumblrNo script embedding possible
TwitterNo script embedding possible, just thumbnail
uCozFull support
WebnodeFull support
WebsiteBuilderFull support
WeeblyFull support
WixCompatibility mode and fullscreen option not available
WordPressFull support and plugin
YolaFull support
ShopifyFull support
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