Integration into your workflow

01 Upload

Images are uploaded to our image cloud. This can be done manually using the SF Dashboard, or for larger image collections you can use our SF API.


Your original images are stored safely in the Amazon Cloud and can be accessed any time.

02 Convert

Using the SF Dashboard, you adjust display, sharing and security settings. For each image we generate the encrypted SF Datafile with .SF extension. These files are unreadable to normal image viewing & editing software and can only be decoded with the decryption key contained in your SF Viewer script.

03 Configure

Embed the SF Viewer script in the head of your page and replace the <img> tags with <smartframe>. The image will render on the webpage, but you will be able to control them from the SF Dashboard. Or, if you just need an embeddable <iframe> to display a SmartFrame on any webpage this is always visible and available to you in the SF Dashboard.

The integration scenario described above is just one of many possible scenarios. We are constantly developing new solutions to make SmartFrame integration quick and convenient, like web server extensions, e-commerce or content management platform plugins. SmartFrame platform is currently integrated into DAM (Digital Asset Management) platforms of our resellers Capture (UK) and Sodatech (Switzerland).

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