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  • The datafile contains encrypted image data used to render SmartFrame in a specific size.
  • It is completely unreadable by traditional software because it can only be displayed using the SF Viewer, which it shares the decryption key with. The data file contains both image data and the meta data.
  • Because SF Viewer can request the SF Datafile from the server in the correct size each time the page is displayed, you can also update the content after SmartFrame has been embedded on a third party website.


  • The SF Viewer is embedded using a JavaScript snippet generated for each display and security profile you created in the dashboard.
  • It contains information about the watermark, security settings and interface components you selected in the dashboard.When activated in the head of a webpage, it checks whether the security conditions have been met and detects end user’s screen resolution and the device.


  • Because SmartFrame is rendered using <canvas>, it is not readable by image search engines and social networks, giving us freedom to serve a custom Jpeg thumbnail. Each hosted image comes with a dedicated webpage which we call the SF Imagecard. This webpage contains a set of metadata and thumbnails tailored for different social networks and image search engines. As a result every image shared on social networks comes in correct pixel size and with correctly formatted description. This also allows to manipulate the thumbnail by adding a watermark or a message, encouraging to click through.


  • Designed to automate the upload and conversion of images into SmartFrames. It’s especially suitable for managing large volume of images and integrating SmartFrame into your current workflow and the image library. SF API provides very simple requests to upload images and retrieve SF Datafiles together with SF Viewer. SF API can be integrated in less than a day because most of the advanced visual configuration of the SF Viewer profiles is done in the SF Dashboard with the user friendly GUI and doesn’t require API integration.


  • It’s useful for quick integration using small volume of images or just embedding on a third party website. SF Embed is simply a self-contained SmartFrame, either in <iframe> format or provided as <script> which generates the <iframe>.
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