For each theme, you can add one of two types of a watermark:

  • Text watermark in a format of a custom text message
  • Image watermark in a format of a custom image

Watermark will be visible on all embeds using the theme. Since watermark is part of the SmartFrame, it is not possible for the third parties to remove it in any way and your images are well protected from illicit uses.

Responsive watermark
Keep in mind that the size of the watermark is usually not responsive and will remain the same for very small and very big images. If you’re planning to use the same theme for small and big pictures, we recommend you use an image watermark and select one of the scaling or repeat options, which will ensure that the watermark is responsive.

The preview which you can see on the watermark page in the Admin Panel allows you to only see the watermark. In order to preview how it looks like on an actual SmartFrame, you can click on the Preview button at the bottom of the page. It will open a full preview of the theme, including the changes you’ve just made, even before you save them. Once you’re happy with the results, you can save the changes by clicking on the Save button.

Text Watermark

Text Watermark consists of a string of text which will be displayed in your SmartFrame.

You can adjust how it looks like using the following options:

  • Font family
  • Font size
  • Font color
  • Stroke color – we recommend using a stroke color opposite to the font color to ensure that the watermark will be well visible both on dark and light backgrounds
  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Opacity level
  • Position of the watermark inside of the embed

Image Watermark

If you already have your own watermark created, click inside the field that has the text Upload watermark image (.jpg or .png, not bigger than 1MB) and select your chosen file.

You can further adjust how the watermark looks like using the following options:

  • Opacity level
  • Scaling
  • Original size of the uploaded image – no responsiveness
  • Fit the image – watermark will keep the original proportions but it will be enlarged to fit the image size
  • Fill the image – watermark will be stretched to cover the whole image, original proportions of the watermark will not be preserved
  • Position of the watermark in the embed
  • Repetition
  • Don’t repeat
  • Repeat x – watermark will be repeated on the horizontal axis
  • Repeat y – watermark will be repeated on the vertical axis
  • Repeat both – watermark will be repeated both on horizontal and vertical axis, covering the whole embed