Because SmartFrames are rendered using <canvas>, they are not readable by social networks.

This allows for a small customized thumbnail – that is, a small JPEG generated from the original image – to be served in image search results.

You can adjust the maximum size of the thumbnail that will appear in image search results. There are three thumbnail widths to choose from: Small (200px), Medium (400px) and Big (600px).

You can also add a custom watermark to the thumbnail to further protect your image.

These settings are global and will apply to all your embeds. This also means that if you disable search engine indexing, none of your SmartFrames will be indexed or visible in image search results.

Delay warning

The changes you make on the Search Engine page within the Control section of the Admin Panel will not be immediately visible in the search engine results. Exactly how long this takes depends on when the page with the embedded SmartFrame is indexed by the search engines. For this reason, it’s possible that some SmartFrame embeds will have these settings updated sooner than others.