Welcome to Profiles

Profiles control how your SmartFrames appear and behave for your audience. This is also where you can create and customise Profiles.


Create a new Profile

You can create your own first profile by clicking the “+” button. You will then be prompted to enter a title for your profile. This can also be edited later.

Once you have named your Profile, you can choose a theme. Depending on your SmartFrame account, you have a choice of several themes that you can further customise. The SmartFrame Control account comes with our standard overlay theme and we also offer several upgraded Profile themes you can choose from.


What is a Profile theme?

A Profile theme is an overlay of interactive features that control how your SmartFrames appear and behave for your audience. For examples of different SmartFrame themes and how they behave, check out this link here.


Customise your Profile theme

Once you have selected your Profile theme, you can further customise its features to fit the needs of your business.

Full Screen – Enabling this option allows your viewers to see the image in full screen mode, or switch it off to disable this capability. This is an upgraded feature that you can add to your Standard SmartFrame Control account.

Social Share – Decide how you want people to share this image, which platforms they can share to, and how the sharing option is displayed.

Custom Button – Use this button to offer up a service or link destination. For example,  a button named “shop” can direct your visitors to your ecommerce site.

Click on Image – Decide how your SmartFrame behaves when a user clicks on the image.

Do Nothing: When a user clicks on the image, nothing will happen.

Go to URL: When a user clicks on the image, they will be directed to a custom URL.

Full Screen: When a user clicks on the image, the image will expand to full screen mode.

Click Image to Zoom: When a user clicks on the image, they can zoom into image to view further detail. This option also allows you to select how far the user can zoom

Caption – Customise caption information and how it behaves when users view your SmartFrame.

Always on: Displays the caption information as soon as a user views a SmartFrame.

View on Rollover: Only displays caption information when a user moves their mouse over a SmartFrame.

Off: No caption will be visible.

Loader – Customise the style the icon that appears when a SmartFrame is loading.


Security Settings

Here you can customise the security features that accompany your Profile.

Watermark – Customise the watermark of a SmartFrame by adding text or an image. You can also come back to edit this at any time and it will automatically update any SmartFrames associated with that Profile.

Deterrent – Customise your deterrent message that will appear when a right click or screenshot attempt is made on a SmartFrame.

Press & Hold – This feature will only show your SmartFrame if a user clicks and holds down a button to reveal the image.

Out of Focus – This option obscures the image when it is not being viewed. You can further customise its behaviour:

None: No option to obscure the image.

Overlay: Displays a layer of colour over the SmartFrame when the image is open on a dormant browser window.

Deterrent Message: Include a message that will appear when an image is open on a dormant browser window.

Custom CSS: Customise the style and content of the message that will appear when the image is open on a dormant browser window.

Integration: 2 ways of presenting smartframe, embed vs. integrate – makes SF faster/loading is faster, requires advanced knowledge, must define script, is good for presenting SF faster.


Mobile – This is a fallback profile for mobile devices to ensure your SmartFrame behaviour is optimised for this view. You can further customise mobile profile fallback here.

Custom CSS –  You can overwrite some of the viewer styles with your own CSS, but please note any changes made are at your own risk.


Edit SmartFrame Profile

Once you have created your SmartFrame Profile, you can come back to edit it any time you like. You can also rename, clone or delete your Profile by clicking on the “Edit” button.