SmartFrame allows you to display your ads only in specific SmartFrames of your choice.

In the Image section of Campaigns, you can use metadata to select the SmartFrame(s) in which these ads should appear.

For example, imagine that you’re creating a Campaign for a luxury watch, and you want the ads to be visible only in the embedded images that contain this product. You can do this in a few simple steps.

1. Once you’re logged in to the Admin Panel, click on a relevant image in Images, before selecting Metadata from the left-hand-side menu.

2. Now click on the +Metadata button and add a meta tag called Product to the Key section, and type in the term watch to the field to the right. Once you click on Save, you will be able to add the term watch (or any other term) as a Product meta tag for any other image

3. Head to Campaigns and click on the pencil next to the Campaign you are running, before navigating to the Images page

4. In the section titled Images included in this Campaign, head to the Metadata field and select the key Product

5. Make sure that the condition is exactly is selected

6. In the field to the right, type watch

7. Click on Save. The ads will now only be visible if the embedded image’s product meta tag equals watch

In case you want to exclude certain images from your Campaign, simply follow the same process as above, only in step #4 select the is not condition in place of is exactly. This way you will prevent the ads from being displayed in the images matching this condition.