Free plan

If you’re using SmartFrame on the Free plan, you’re entitled to 500MB of storage space for your images.

Once this limit has been reached, you will only be able to upload additional images once you’ve deleted some images that have already been uploaded, or by upgrading to one of our Pro plans.

Pro plan

We currently offer two Pro plans: Pro 10 and Pro 30.

When using a Pro 10 or Pro 30 plan, your storage limit is respectively 5GB and 15GB. Once you reach the 5GB limit in the Pro 10 plan, your plan will be automatically upgraded to the Pro 30 plan.

Enterprise plan

Once you reach the 15GB limit in Pro 30 plan, you will no longer be able to upload new images until you delete some existing images or upgrade to the Enterprise plan.

To upgrade to the Enterprise plan, please contact us directly and we’ll give you complete information on our offering. This includes API access, SmartFrame Web Component installation, advanced Theme design, and other custom solutions.