1. Click on the + New Campaign button on the top of the Campaigns page

2. A dialog window will open. Name your campaign and click on Save

3. Select the Campaign type and click on Create Campaign

4. Click on Campaign settings and complete the required information, which will depend on the selected Campaign type:

      • Banner Ad: upload a banner file and set up a redirect link
      • Promo Prompt: edit a promotional message
      • Social Media: select a social platform and set up a redirect link
      • Sponsor Logo: upload a logo image file

5. Now click on Image page, and select the SmartFrames in which your Campaign should be displayed

5. Head to the Audience page, and select the audience targeting conditions, such as geographical location, device used or display mode

6. Finally, on the Campaign URL page, select the pages on which your Campaign should be displayed

To start your Campaign, activate it in Campaign Overview. Alternatively, you can use the Schedule option to set this to begin at some point in the future.