In the Embed Report in Insights, you can see on what pages your SmartFrames are embedded. It may happen that you don’t want your images to be visible on certain domains and in that case, you can block the whole domain from displaying your SmartFrames. To do it, you need to add the domain to the blacklist in the Control section of the Admin Panel. Once you do that, all your SmartFrames on that domain will be removed and replaced with a following image:

If you want to remove only one SmartFrame from a certain domain, we recommend you block that SmartFrame in Insights instead.

Removing domains from the blacklist

If you don’t want the domain to be blacklisted anymore, simply remove it from the blacklist by clicking on the Remove icon next to it or selecting one or more domains and clicking on the Delete button at the top of the blacklist table.

Once a domain has been removed from the blacklist, all the SmartFrames will once again be visible there. Please keep in mind however, that the embeds which were previously blocked in Insights will remain blocked even after the domain has been removed from the blacklist.