You can see the pages on which your SmartFrames are embedded in the Embed Report. This is accessible from the Insights section of the Admin Panel.

It may be the case that you don’t want your SmartFrames to be visible on certain domains – and you have complete control over this.

To block SmartFrames from a domain, just head to the Control section of the Admin Panel and select Blacklist from the left-hand-side menu, before clicking on the +Add To Blacklist button and entering the domain you would like to block.

Once you do this, any SmartFrames on that domain will be removed and replaced by the following image:

If you want to remove only one or two SmartFrames from a certain domain, we recommend that you simply block that SmartFrame instead.

Removing domains from the blacklist

If you no longer want a domain to be blacklisted, simply remove it from the blacklist by clicking on the Remove icon next to it.0

If you need to remove a number of domains from the blacklist, you may prefer to select these domains and click on the Delete button at the top of the blacklist table.

Once a domain has been removed from the blacklist, all SmartFrames embedded on its pages will be visible.

Please keep in mind that any embeds that were previously blocked in Insights will remain blocked even after the domain has been removed from the blacklist.