Adding people to your team

As a Premium or Enterprise user, you can give your team members access to your SmartFrame account. You can see the details on our pricing page.

In order to add more team members:

  • Go to My Account → My Team page
  • Click on + Invite Team Member button
  • Select a role you wish to give the new team member (User or Administrator)
  • Type in the email address of the person you want to invite
  • Click Save
  • Complete the payment process – you will be charged monthly per each user on your usual billing date

The invitation will be sent immediately and invited person will receive an email similar to this:

After they complete the registration by setting up a password, they will be able to use the Admin Panel and will have access to all the images in Image Manager, as well as your Insights reports, custom Themes, Campaigns, and other settings.

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