SmartFrame for Photographers

Display your photos online with absolute confidence

SmartFrame provides a securer, trackable, embeddable, data-driven solution with monetization capabilities for photographers

Taking the perfect shot isn’t easy. Ask any photographer about their favourite pictures and you’ll probably hear accounts of waiting patiently for hours in the freezing cold or exhausting photoshoots with eccentric models or celebrities. Then there are the hours painstakingly spent retouching a picture to make it perfect.

At SmartFrame, we ensure that when a photographer’s work is published online it has the recognition – and digital protection – that it deserves. Here we explain the value of our service and how it can make a difference.

Created with Sketch. Pixel perfect for the web

Whether it is a mobile phone picture or a huge retina display, SmartFrame will automatically detect the required resolution and generate a pixel-perfect, fully responsive image. Combined with full screen and deep zoom options, viewers will experience your work as it is meant to be.

Created with Sketch. Let us quickly find the right file size

Your photos will be processed and displayed as fast as possible, without sacrificing the quality of the images. Our sophisticated platform automatically generates the right file size while detecting the optimum compression ratio and cache for the files. Your pictures will be uploaded from the cloud and ready to be displayed at any time.

Created with Sketch. Avoid image theft and copyright infringement

We reduce the risk of your images being unlawfully downloaded by more than 90 percent, and repel 99 percent of internet bots and crawlers. SmartFrame’s advanced download protection service is able to do this without any reduction in search engine ranking status.

Created with Sketch. Be in control of your pictures

We let you decide how others use your online images. SmartFrame’s technology lets users embed photos on external websites while tracking exactly where the images are displayed. The pictures that you share are always just a mouse click away from being removed if you don’t like how the photo is being used.

Created with Sketch. Publish photos with SmartFrame

We let users embed their photos with codes that enable the images to be published seamlessly on their website or blog. SmartFrame offers a variety of integration options, including WordPress.