SmartFrame for the Photo Industry

Stay ahead of the pack with our picture perfect solutions

Maximise to the fullest extent the visibility, presentation and commercial value of your great content

Competition is fierce in today’s marketplace. Everyone knows that great pictures can make you stand out from the crowd. Our innovative photo solutions enable businesses to shine, in marked contrast to rivals that rely upon low-quality user generated content.

Created with Sketch. A virtual window to the world

The quality of an online shopping experience has a direct impact on the bottom line. We let you present your merchandise in a state-of-the-art image display format. The SmartFrame service lets users automatically detect the desired resolution and generate a pixel-perfect, fully responsive image that also looks great on all mobile devices. Additional full screen and deep zoom options further enhance the customer experience. See how SmartFrame helps Panoramic Images to display a challenging image format.

Created with Sketch. Keep your assets safe and secure

Whether it is a standard stock photo portfolio or an exclusive collection, the pictures that a business owns can be a source of revenue. Content should never be given away for free. While our invisible image security solution works quietly in the background, anyone who attempts to download an image will receive a legal warning. SmartFrame research found that this discourages about 90 percent of attempted image downloads, regardless of how technically savvy the perpetrator is. Read more about our security technology and findings.

Created with Sketch. We protect your image rights

Ignorance is the most common excuse when someone downloads an image without permission. SmartFrame makes sure the copyright notice and image credits are prominently displayed. Those who infringe copyright are also liable for breaching anti-circumvention rules and could face similar legal consequences to someone guilty of hacking. In addition our Recovery+ service finds online images where a copyright has been violated, providing a no-win, no-fee legal service.

Created with Sketch. Maximise exposure - and sales - by letting others embed your content

Take advantage of our turnkey embedding solution, which gives visitors an option to use the image on their website using the automatically generated embed code. You can offer this service to non-commercial website owners and obtain valuable insights on your audience, drive additional website traffic and run in-image promotional campaigns or advertising features.

Created with Sketch. Generate new revenue streams

You’re getting lots of traffic to your website but how much of it is converted into sales? Our smart in-image advertising solution can be activated for all images to maximise revenue streams. Alternatively, the service can be applied to specific audience segments exclusively for the purpose of monetising website traffic.

Created with Sketch. Outsource image delivery, focus on business strategy

Every business wants its images speedily displayed on screens located across the world, with no exceptions, bottlenecks or failures. Let us take care of this. We are always prepared for the unexpected. Our global image delivery network is auto scaling, locally cached and load balanced. Our network is also monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week with a strict Service Level Agreement (SLA), providing 99.9 percent guaranteed uptime.

Created with Sketch. Keep your DAM, add a SmartFrame

The best part of integrating your system with SmartFrame is that it doesn’t change the workflow. Stay with your Digital Asset Management (DAM) system and we’ll take care of the rest free of charge. Our Application Program Interface (API) and software development kits are designed for DAM platforms. We are already integrated with Sodatec, Azuqua and Widen.