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Know your Audience

Understand the impact of your content, measure engagement, restrict or target specific audiences.

Image Intelligence

SF Tracker provides you with unprecedented insight into how your images are consumed on the internet. Discover where and how they are viewed and interacted with wherever they appear online. You can track how long the image was in view on the screen, and see which images are trending.

Measure Engagement

Because SmartFrame is interactive, you can learn how users interact with it’s interface. Know every time they click any icon, zoom-in, go to fullscreen or attempt to download.

Profile Your Consumers

Understand your audience. Analyse and group your consumers to enable targeted advertising and marketing campaigns when used in conjunction with our SF Monetizer add-on.

Block Certain Websites and Locations

SF Tracker allows you to block your images from being viewed on specific websites, or from high-risk locations and IP addresses.

Social Engagement

Measure your contents social engagement, track the social sites it has been shared on, encourage further social sharing and understand the impact on traffic and reach.

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