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Track and control images on your website and wherever they are shared on the internet.

Image Intelligence

SF Tracker provides you with unprecedented insight into how your audience interacts with your image content. Traditional analytics provides data per webpage, while SF tracker can provide data per image, wherever it is being viewed or shared on the internet. You can track where your images are being shared, how long your images are being viewed, instantly see the most popular images, and get useful geolocation data.

Measure engagement

SmartFrame is an interactive image format. We can show you how your users interact with your images, so you will know every time they click on any of the interactive icons, zoom in or browse your gallery.

Social Driver

Show live views to create instant social proof and drive engagement. Measure and display the amount of shares on social media networks, promoting further sharing.

Google Analytics Integration

The SF Tracker data can be integrated into a dedicated Google Analytics account, just for your images. There you can see location data, download attempts, and see SmartFrames as acquisition sources.

SF Tracker is currently in advanced development and selected features are available on request. Please contact us to find out more.

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