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Themes on mobile devices

SmartFrame Themes are fully optimized for smartphones and tablets, and their functionality adapts to the requirements of touchscreen-enabled devices. Here are some differences you [...]


A Theme is an overlay of interactive features that controls how your SmartFrames appear and behave for your audience. You can use Themes to [...]

Default Theme

At all times, one of your Themes will serve as a default Theme. Any images you upload will take on this Theme as standard. [...]

Editing Themes

You can edit a Theme to enable or disable certain SmartFrame features. To do this, head to the Themes panel and click on the [...]


In the Layout section of your Theme, you can select a layout and the mouseover behavior of the interactive elements: captions and buttons. Depending on [...]


In the Design section, you can manage the styling of the theme's elements, namely buttons and caption. Available design settings: Affects: Available options: Overlay [...]


Caption allows you to display any text to accompany your images, such as: Copyright information Image description Product details ...and more The exact design [...]

Hyper Zoom

Hyper Zoom is SmartFrame’s unique approach to zooming images. When enabled, with each tap viewer will load the image in increasingly higher resolution. Thanks [...]

Full Screen

Enabling Full Screen allows users to view your SmartFrames in a full-screen mode. In the Admin Panel you can select whether you want to [...]