Converting Unauthorized Online Image Use
into Ad Revenue

Monetize Your Content Wherever It Is Found Online

SmartFrame is a patent-pending, secure, embeddable, trackable, and interactive digital image format, which can be updated dynamically and retrospectively wherever they are hosted on the Internet, leaving the content owner in full control at all times.

SmartFrame can also broker and serve relevant and contextual advertisements within the chosen SmartFrames and generate new ad revenue streams for the content owners every time they are viewed anywhere on the Internet.

ImageRights International provides intelligent image search and copyright enforcement services to photo agencies and professional photographers worldwide and is partnering with SmartFrame Technologies to create an additional recovery revenue service.

ImageRights operates two internally developed image search systems: Shotgun & Gemini. ImageRights AI analyzes millions of new client image sightings each month, categorizing and valuing each one to facilitate the client review and claim submission process.

Our Partnership

AI-driven instant claims assessment combined with a team of experienced claims analysts will recommend the best approach for each claim. An in-house License Compliance team and over 30 legal partners provide recovery in 28 countries across Europe, North America and Australia.
With this new partnership, ImageRights will now be including swapping out the infringed image to the SmarFrame format. SmartFrame will then serve relevant and contextual advertisements in them and generate new revenue streams for all concerned.

Configure Your SmartFrame Profile

Through your SmartFrame Control Panel you will be able to customize and configure how your SmartFrames will appear.

SmartFrame gives you Persistent Attribution, Copyright Protection and links back to your website, leading to greater market exposure, increased web traffic and image sale enquiries.

Building Your Advertising Network

As ImageRights begin to swap out your infringed content for the SmartFrame versions, you begin to build an extremely valuable interactive network of your content on third party websites.

You will have full visibility and control over this content and SmartFrame will generate new revenue streams for you every time those images are viewed.

Image Control

You can then edit, update and recall your content dynamically and retrospectively.

In-Image Advertising

SmartFrame will then serve pre-approved, relevant and contextual advertisements on your selected content.

Image Insights

Get image tracking and interaction insights. Find out how your images are being shared, used and interacted with. Track where your images are embedded and how many people have seen them.

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