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Interaction and Presentation

Pixel perfect presentation means your imagery will be displayed at optimum resolution without compromising speed or security.

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Dynamic image resizing

Images are rendered pixel perfect even when the browser window is resized

Deep zoom

Zoom into a SmartFrame to see crisp detail

Full-Screen viewing

Displays your images in full-screen whilst maintaining perfect quality

Retina optimization

Detects retina screens and boosts image resolution automatically

Customizable interactive features

Choose from sharing buttons, embedding widget and captions or create your own


Create an interactive image gallery

Data and Insights

Find out who, where and how your images are being used across the internet. Track engagement and monitor performance.

SmartFrame performance insights

Discover real viewing times, interactions and download attempts

Track engagements

Measure how different images and theme variations impact on audience engagement

Sharing and embedding insights

Track who embeds and shares your SmartFrames, how much traffic they generate and block unwanted embedding

Image Protection and Control

Complete control over your visual content. Manage who can embed your digital images and revoke access at any time, keeping you in full control.

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Image theft prevention

Most common image downloads are disabled, including right click and drag & drop

JPEG-less format

JPEG is not just hidden but completely eliminated from the source code

Screenshot deterrent

Copyright warning displayed at most common screenshot attempts

Search engine index controls

Monitoring and configurable settings for image search engines

Social media optimisation

With SmartFrame, you can control exactly how shared images appear on social networks

Controlled embedding

Remove and adjust specific embeds

Control web crawlers

Prevent bulk image downloads and leaks by exposing only a restricted low-resolution thumbnail

Blacklist domains

Prevent selected websites, countries and IP-ranges from embedding your SmartFrames

Campaigns and Monetisation

Monetize your images. Run interactive promotions through your SmartFrames and generate advertising revenue from your SmartFrames shared on other websites.

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Campaign monetization

Run your own banner ads to display promotional messaging, social media prompts and newsletter sign-ups

Campaign tracking

Track impressions, clicks and conversions in real-time

Segment and target campaigns

Apply filters, restrictions and demographics to segment and target your audience

Run third-party ads

Enable advertising on your embedded SmartFrames and generate instant income at the flick of a switch! (coming in 2019)