Anything is possible, contact us with your requirements for a bespoke solution.

Empower your business with our outsourced digital image platform, designed to improve every aspect of the digital image journey from the creator to the end user, adding value, functionality and customisation.

SmartFrame delivers turnkey solutions for different business models and industries, as well as completely bespoke integrations.

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Gain increased value from your images
with SmartFrame Enterprise.

Hi - Res multi-channel deliverability

Enhance user satisfaction, product sales or brand visibility with our completely automated solution to deliver highest resolution images to diverse audiences around the world, no matter what device, resolution or internet speed they have.

Dynamic copyright protection

Our innovative patent-pending image security toolkit pushes the boundaries of in-browser image protection further than ever before, eliminating 100%* of malicious web bots and 95%* of manual end user downloads. We also offer a turnkey solution to proactively manage copyright infringements, with dynamic watermarking and copyright notices. Additionally, you can generate a new revenue stream by allowing third party advertising within your images in lieu of them being shared ‘Off Site’ for ‘Non – Commercial’ free use.

Unique monetisation options

Turn your image assets into new revenue streams without technical or business challenges with our unique video and banner advertising proposition. Explore new marketing opportunities ‘On’ and ‘Off” site with pre-configured campaigns to display in – house marketing messages, newsletter subscription or social media prompts.

Detailed image analytics

Discover how users interact with your content, compare success rate of different images and learn about your audience with our comprehensive tracking and analytics. We can provide data / tracking for each individual image as opposed to per web page basis like most traditional analytics.

Manage and drive traffic

Download protection in tandem with user friendly sharing tools ensure that the image always has a breadcrumb trail to the origin. Thumbnail and text represent the image well enough to attract attention during any ‘image search’ activity, enabling traffic to be driven back to your website.

Controlled embedding

Syndicate your content safely to third-party websites while keeping full control over the image widget. Update the image or caption, gather data, revoke the embed or display advertising, after the image was embedded.

Your digital assets managed by experts

✓ copy Created with Sketch. Your digital assets managed by experts

Our global image hosting and delivery network is custom designed and automatically scaling to ensure the best performance under heavy traffic and large volume of data. We give you complete peace of mind with 24/7 monitoring, 99.99% uptime, a strict Service Level Agreement (SLA) and a dedicated support team.

✓ copy Created with Sketch. Easy and fast integration into your infrastructure

Our platform is designed for easy and fast integration into your existing system and workflow. You can configure all settings with user friendly control panel, connect to data sources using industry standard Rest API and Software Development Kits or just install a plugin for popular platforms like WordPress or Magento.

Why SmartFrame?

We work with image libraries, photographers, museums, software companies, brand marketing companies, media owners and eCommerce companies and many others. Our solution is already integrated into several Digital Asset Management systems.

Anything is possible, contact us with your requirements for a bespoke solution

Just drop us a line and we will book a free introductory call to demonstrate our products and their business applications. We will need to ask a few questions about your business and will find areas which we can improve. It could be that we had already provided a solution for a similar organisation and will be able to present some case studies. Alternatively we can use our software modules to design a completely custom implementation of SmartFrame, unique to your needs.