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SmartFrame has consulted with a number of picture agencies over the years, leading to the discovery that whilst they have a significant amount of traffic to their websites viewing their content, on average only a very small percentage converts to an image sale.

In fact our research suggests that less than 2% of website visitors actually buy an image directly from an agency website.

Our research also suggests that the majority of the traffic is non-commercial entities looking for great content for their personal websites, social sites, blogs etc, and don’t have the budget or intention to pay for the content, and therefore bounce and find free or miss-used content elsewhere on the Internet.

We want to change this and help the picture agencies to generate new revenue opportunities from the 98% of website visitors that currently provide no value.

This has led us to the development and launch of our SmartFrame Embed Widget.



Together we can offer a new type of content package that is free for non-commercial use and can capture value from the mass market of non-commercial entities that currently visit your website and don’t purchase an image.

This can be accomplished by simply installing our SmartFrame Embed Widget on your website, it’s free and can be set up instantly. We’ll provide you with full set up support and user terms and conditions.

Once the non-commercial users accept the T’s & C’s they will be given an embed code allowing them to display the selected images on their websites free of charge, with full screen and deep zoom viewing options. You’ll be in full control over your images at all times from your SmartFrame control panel, which will also provide you with valuable insights into the engagement and viewing statistics of your content anywhere its been embedded online.

We’ll then monitor, manage and serve relevant and contextual advertisements within those embedded images and pay you 50% of all the advertising revenues generated.

This opens up a substantial new revenue stream for your business, just imagine being paid every time your images are viewed anywhere online!

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