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June 2020

Search engines and SEO

● We’ve updated how the thumbnail size for Google Images is calculated so that it works better for non-standard aspect ratios, specifically for panoramic images. This should benefit the search-engine optimization of SmartFrames.

● We’ve added an option to set image thumbnail size to extra large, where the height plus the width of the thumbnail is equal to 2000px. These larger thumbnails should rank better in Google Images search results.

● Support has now been provided for a broader range of search engines. Settings applied in Control > Search Engines in the Admin Panel will now apply to Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex and DuckDuckGo, in addition to Google.


Panel updates

● The Right-click and screenshot deterrent feature has been renamed Screenshot deterrent. The functionality hasn’t changed, and the deterrent still appears after right-clicking on a SmartFrame, it’s just the change in name reflects the fact that right-click actions are always prohibited.

We’ve redesigned the Embed page to make it even easier to view and embed the code for SmartFrames. The code itself is also significantly shorter and neater than was previously the case.


Help Center

● We’ve relaunched the Help Center, with a range of new articles and a more logical structure.



● We’ve introduced a thumbnail mode to SmartFrames for the benefit of thise using a Web Component installation. It’s now possible to add a “thumbnail-mode” attribute to the Web Component snippet in order to display a SmartFrame without an overlay or watermark, and with tracking disabled. Users who have multiple thumbnail images displayed on a single page will find this particularly useful.

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