We’re constantly working to make SmartFrame faster, easier to use and more intuitive. Here’s where you’ll find the latest updates and fixes to the platform

Search engines and SEO

● Following the support that was introduced for a broader range of search engines earlier in the year, we have now added an option to the Insights panel that allows you to check when the latest version of an image was indexed by six of the most common search engines. These are:

– Google (Googlebot)
– Bing (Bingbot)
– Yahoo (Slurp)
– Baidu (Baiduspider)
– Yandex (YandexBot)
– DuckDuckGo (DuckDuckBot)



● We’ve made a series of small changes to the Screenshot protection technology to make it even more secure.


Panel changes

● We’ve added a range of new icons to the Call-to-action button feature to help better illustrate a desired action. These now include licensing, donation and map marker buttons among others, together with a more complete selection of buttons for social media platforms. To adjust these, simply click on the Theme of your choice in Themes and select the Call-to-action option from the left-hand-side panel.

● It’s also now possible to adjust the size of the thumbnail that’s shared when a SmartFrame is sent via email or Direct Link. There are four options to choose from, and you can apply a text or graphic watermark to the thumbnail too. To access this feature, head to Control in the Admin Panel and select either Direct Link or Email from the left-hand-side panel.


WordPress Image Security and Compression plugin

● We’ve updated our WordPress Image Security and Compression plugin with a range of improvements to the user experience and compatibility with WordPress, in addition to smaller bug fixes.



● General bug fixes.




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