CEPIC ‘Coordination of European Picture Agencies Stock, Press and Heritage’ 2019 Congress

CEPIC is an event we have attended for a number of years, but this year in Paris we had a new proposition to discuss. Image distribution has a number of challenges as an industry, the most prominent being the dwindling revenues that agencies are seeing for image distribution. Recognising this SmartFrame created and announced just prior to CEPIC the launch of our new Embed Widget. Whilst revenues are down, agencies continue to have two significant positives; site traffic and quality content. SmartFrame’s Embed widget enables agencies to combine these two attributes to create a new revenue stream.

SmartFrame’s Embed widget enables agencies to offer users the option of taking an Embed copy of an image (very similar to taking a YouTube link) for non commercial use on a blog, social media post etc. Users get access to properly licensed high quality image content for their sites, with the trade-off being that the agency has the ability to serve contextually relevant ads on those images, creating an ad based revenue stream.

As a result we’ve been overwhelmed by the response and the number of agencies and DAMs now looking to implement the widget and we’re very much looking forward to making those launch announcements in due course.

International Trademark Association (INTA) Annual Meeting

INTAs Annual Event is the largest global gathering of Brand Owners IP & Trademark lawyers, Brand Protection and related professionals. Made up of over 7,200 organisations, of which SmartFrame is one, across 191 countries its purpose is to both to protect the value of Products and Brands but to also drive consumer trust that the products and services they are buying are genuine.

This year was SmartFrames’ first visit to INTA, so we joined the other 11,500 delegates descending on Boston this year. SmartFrame’s vision is to redefine the digital image standard and we’re doing so as we passionately believe that image owners should have the ability to protect and retain control of images they publish online. Whilst we knew this was an issue that was shared by many other INTA members, I think even we were surprised by the scale of effort and time that Brands, and those charged with the responsibility of helping protect those brands, have spent over the years trying to solve this problem. The net result was an incredibly positive week for SmartFrame and the start of a number of incredibly exciting discussions.