SmartFrame is looking forward to attending the #DMWF London 2018. DMWF content focuses on the ever disruptive digital marketing space that all brands and content owners are trying to harness, recognise new trends and implement innovative technology to support various business functions.

We are excited to meet the delegates and explore how our solution could fit into their current digital marketing strategies. A number of the sessions at #DMWF London 2018 resonate with our team at SmartFrame Technologies and what we are able to achieve, such as “Smart personalised content,” and “How digital Innovation will impact path to purchase.”

Like most, we LOVE images! We are strong believers in the power of visual content and the impact it can have in engaging audiences. Imagery is at the core of how brands and content owners tell their stories and sell their products. We also recognise that standard digital image formats have their limitations, which is where we see SmartFrame empowering brands and changing how people use their images.

We have created a secure and embeddable image format, which means you are able to not only control and track where your images are shared and embedded but also generate data from levels of engagement with your content even from third-party sites where your images have been embedded.

Further to that, we are able to add levels of functionality to an image to increase engagement and create a consistent look and feel. Whether that be embedding product information within the image or applying a “one-click path to purchase” to seamlessly drive consumers to your purchase page. Taking this one step further all the images that are published in a SmartFrame format become a distribution platform for marketing and promotions in an unobtrusive fashion with relevant advertising and marketing messages to both the content and the viewer with guaranteed view-ability and relevance.

We see SmartFrame empowering images to assist clients in creating new revenue streams, PR monitoring, affiliate programs, audience aggregation and overall providing imagery in a standardised and engaging format across the board.

Come and see us at stand 38 for a demo, book in advance using the SmartFrame above for the chance to win a bottle of champagne!