On the 25th May we hosted our first ever BAPLA Workshop!

SmartFrame had the pleasure in hosting an interactive workshop for all BAPLA photo agencies at our offices in Clerkenwell, London to discuss the evolving photo world over wine and canapes.

CEO Rob Sewell and Sales Executive Andre Glazier spoke to audience members from the British Museum, Einsiedel Interiors and Press Association among others about the journey of the image and the impact of our core product, SmartFrame Control on an evolving market of image management.

During our talks we broke out into focus groups and dug a little deeper into the problems facing both commercial and heritage photo agencies. A few themes emerged from this, including the rise of photography being able to be produced in record time with the number of mobile phone user generated content lowering the value of professionally shot content.

We also looked at the balance between marketing your content in an unwalled garden to promote new artists and collections, paired with the higher likelihood of content being shared in an uncontrolled manner leading to potential loss or infringement.

It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to speak with our fellow BAPLA members to gain a better understanding of their needs and how SmartFrame can work to meet them.

Until next time!

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